About Me

My name is Ashley Bernard. I was born in Iowa where it became clear immediately that I was blind and had Dwarfism. My mom and I quickly relocated to massachusetts, where I have spent most of my life.

Now, I am in my second year of college studying communications. When not doing school work or hanging with friends, I enjoy writing music and working with technology.

Growing up i wanted nothing to do with advocacy work. That is, until may of 2013, when I ran across a post on Facebook about how Simon Cowell used the “M” word on TV and most people didn’t blink twice. It occurred to me that the average person is unaware of the word’s negative connotations, and for this reason it is still frequently used.

So, I decided to do something about this gap in knowledge, and this page was born. I have thrown myself full force into all kinds of advocacy and love every moment of it despite its occasional challenges. I even changed my major for this reason, having realized that working for a disability related non-profit was exactly what I wanted to do.

Our Volunteers

Tom Taylor

Distributes the concept of this website

Julie Fowler

Distributor of this idea

Myrtle Williams

Helps to develop this website