Why pledge?

Why take the “M” word pledge? By pledging you make it known to all who reads this website that one more person is preventing the use of the “M” Word. In doing so, you are also making a promise to yourself that you will not use the word, nor allow others around you to use the word.

Here are some reasons why people pledged. Why do you pledge?

Desiree from Rigolet Labrador Canada:
My daughter who is now 5 has an undiagnosed form of dwarfism but doctors are leading towards 3-M syndrome. Every time I hear the M word I cringe. I pledge never to use it.

Kassie from Appleton:
For my daughter and our entire little people family!

Ed from Brighton:
I never do. I never will. There are many relatively short people. My mother was only 5 ft., 1 in. tall. She was a giant in my estimation.

Marilyn from Lynchburg va:
Thank you for the information. I never knew that this word was so offensive.

Tonya from Tuscaloosa Al:
Growing up one of my best friends, Tommy G was a dwarf. I was 13 when I met him and I in my ignorance said look at the midget man! He politely, quickly corrected me and although he was older became one of my best friends.

Jim from Nova Scotia:
I have a granddaughter in Alberta that will be a little person when she grows up. She is 11 now and as sharp as a tack and very independent. If she requires help she will ask for it.

Katie from England:
the word is used even to average height people and to me i still find this hurtful and disgraceful.

Clare from Carolina Beach:
I dislike that this word is so commonly used so loosely.

Maggi from Jersey Shore:
Call me Maggi, if you MUST use an “M” word. :)

Norma from Bloomington ca:
I have a beautiful and precious great granddaughter who is a little person ! Until she was born I was not aware that midget was a derogatory word ! I will gladly share this to prevent her and other LPs from hearing hurtful words.

Michelle from Bloomington Ca:
I have a grand daughter that is 2 that is a LP her name is Beleny. In our eyes we see no height or difference. I find myself now that I get very upset with the M word to me it is very offensive and I find myself weather I know the person or not correcting them. Saying its either a Little Person or a Dwarf or better yet just call them by their name.

Carol from British Columbia:
We have a daughter with dwarfism who inspires us every day with her strength and tenacity. We were unaware that the m-word was offensive until we became part of the LP community. I pledge to do my best to educate people (kindly) about the negative connotations of the m-word. Thank you for taking the initiative with this pledge! Together, we can make a difference!

Johnny from the US:
This hateful word needs to go away forever.

Donna from Sidney Australia:
Don’t like the word Midget and never will…….

Jose from florida:
I’m glad to see a site like this. Although it is something new that has just recently been started, I hope it makes a huge impact throughout society in one way or another. Noble cause, great way to change the world.

Claude from LA:
I am an advocate for little people and often see them as heroic. As a father of an LP, the fact that other humans find staring, laughing at or taking pictures of LP’s utterly Ignorant and offensive I adore my daughter who happens to be tiny…like other previous gifts like humming birds etc. beautiful and strong.

Mike from Ar:
M is just as bad as R – and I say neither of them… it’s time these terms go the way of the dinosaur!

Jennifer from Ma:
I cringe anytime anyone uses the “R” word. I will add the “m” word to my list of never-to-be-used words as well. In addition, I pledge to inform those who use it around me that it is offensive.

Sandra from NY:
I was mildly aware of this issue but I did not know its full extent until I began reading the book, “Far From The Tree” by Andrew Solomon last month. I fully support this issue

Lisa from Ma:
Ignorance and prejudice have no place in an intellegent and happy society.

Barbara from Ne:
It is a shame that people do not understand — all wonderful, special talented people come in all sizes, and no matter the size, shape, color or ability – they are all perfect in God’s eyes.

Dora from Canada:
My parents have a bad habbit of saying that word, so I try my best to correct them on that word to saying little person or small. I feel that word is offencive.

David from England:
Education is the right way to go. I am sure most people that do use the word have no idea it is offensive, and much less why it is. this will help.

Here are some reasons why people pledged.